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AIRAYA Wireless Networks Announces WirelessGRIDTM 4461 Radios for Military, Government and Homeland Security Applications

WirelessGRIDTM 4461 Designed to Exceed Expectations for Secure, Private Wireless Networks

MORGAN HILL, CA November 10, 2008 - AIRAYA, a world-class designer and developer of proven, fast and predictable outdoor wireless infrastructure products, today unveiled its new WirelessGRIDTM 4461 outdoor wireless products for high performance backhaul (point-to-point), multi-point and mobile ad-hoc networks operating in the 4.40 to 6.175 GHz frequency range. WirelessGRIDTM 4461 backhaul radios, base stations and mobile subscriber units are designed for use in licensed military, government and public safety communication networks, and provide secure high-bandwidth connectivity for video, data, and voice communications.

Mike Nydam, President and CEO of AIRAYA stated "Our military and government customers have asked us for this product and we are pleased to announce we've completed the design and functional tests of this advanced radio communication system. We are confident it will exceed the requirements of our partners and look forward to supporting them in their deployments."

Demonstrating constant innovation in practice, WirelessGRIDTM 4461 radios are unlike any products available on the market today. These radios were specifically developed to meet the unique requirements of the military and Homeland Security Administration, including specifications in the NTIA Red Book Section 5.3.3. Their rugged and weather-proof enclosures are designed for rapid deployment and use in harsh environments for military communication, perimeter video surveillance, and government security.

Features that set the WirelessGRIDTM 4461 radio apart from the competition include its unique ability to provide frequency usage across 1.77 GHz of spectrum, the entire 4.40 to 6.175 GHz range, in user selectable channel sizes of 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 MHz, in a single radio. This distinctive capability allows for global deployment of backhaul radios, base stations and subscriber units enabling government organizations greater flexibility and cost-effective options for establishing broadband wireless networks; multiple competitor radios must be deployed in order to achieve the same frequency capabilities of a single WirelessGRIDTM 4461 radio. AIRAYA offers a full range of supported frequency bands, channel widths and video tuning parameters, enabling customers to successfully deploy secure, high capacity wireless network over a large geographical area.

The WirelessGRIDTM 4461 architecture integrates proven OFDM technology to deliver industry-leading, secure, high-speed encrypted Ethernet throughput over distances up to 30 miles (50 kilometers) and at data rates up to 108 Mbps in fixed point-to-point and up to 5 miles (8 kilometers) in fixed multipoint configurations.

AIRAYA's SecureRFTM architecture provides 5 layers of security for WirelessGRIDTM 4461 wireless networks. The use of embedded 128-bit AES encryption, proprietary RF mask, a unique bridge protocol, mandatory mutual radio authentication, and support for per radio VLAN termination ensure the prevention of hacking, data theft and unauthorized intrusion.

Based on the proven design of WirelessGRIDTM radios now deployed in thousands of networks worldwide, WirelessGRIDTM 4461 radios are ideally suited for bandwidth-hungry applications that require robust, reliable, and secure connectivity.

AIRAYA's proven ability to integrate with multiple networking architectures and higher level encryption systems ensure that it will work with legacy systems and advanced networks.

AIRAYA is recognized as an industry innovator delivering the highest quality high-speed, predictable, secure, scalable and flexible broadband wireless products, and backing these systems with expert technical support and service.


Founded in 2001, AIRAYA is a world-class designer and manufacturer of proven, fast and reliable outdoor wireless multipoint and backhaul products for high capacity military, public safety, service provider, and enterprise networks. The company is located in Morgan Hill, California and is privately held. AIRAYA products are available through a worldwide network of experienced distribution and reseller partners. For more information, please visit the AIRAYA web site at: http://www.airaya.com , email info@airaya.com, or call toll free 1.866.2AIRAYA (224.7292) - International 1.408.776.2846. Fax 1.408.776.3339

Datasheets are available for download at http://www.airaya.com/WirelessGRID4461.asp

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