300 Mbps Outdoor Wireless Bridge. 4.9 GHz to 5.8 GHz Fixed and Mobile Wireless Outdoor Bridges for voice, data and video distribution. Proven, reliable and fast outdoor wireless video solutions for ITS, transportation, and Surveillance Applications. Have a Question? Ask an Expert
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AIRAYA 4.9 GHz to 5.8 GHz Wireless Video Systems for Professional Use. Point-to-Multipoint or Point-Point

4.9GHz to 5.8GHz Outdoor Wireless Video Subsystems

4.9GHz to 5.8GHz Outdoor Wireless Video Camera with 128-bit AES encryption and external 23 dBi directional antenna

4.9GHz to 5.8GHz Outdoor 3 or 4 Radio SuperBase™ Wireless Base Station with 128-bit AES encryption, 3 or 4 external sector antennas and 6 foot cables for each antenna
WirelessGRID SuperBASE™

4.9GHz to 5.8GHz Outdoor 108Mbps x 2 Full-Duplex Wireless Backhaul Radio with 128-bit AES encryption and optional external 28 dBi or 24 dBi directional antennas
WirelessGRID Full Duplex Backhaul
4958-FDNx2-150 (Antennas Sold Seperately)

4.9GHz to 5.8GHz Outdoor WirelessGRID Base Station. Includes weatherproof outdoor bridge and 60,90,or 120 degree sector antenna, remote power system, and 150ft cable assembly.  Supports 32 Subscriber Units
Base Station


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Wireless Video Camera Subsystems: WirelessGRID WGS - Ordering Guide
Glossary of Video Camera Terms | Wireless Video Whitepaper

New WirelessGRID Subsystem (WGS) for Video Cameras - AIRAYA's new WGS products for video security and surveillance cameras integrate our proven, predictable and reliable line of WirelessGRID radios, with integrated 48 Volt or 12 Power subsystems. These professionally designed products feature tunable parameters for optimized video, CE certified lightning protection, easy-to-install outdoor weatherproof connections, and 4 layers of security, providing robust network connectivity for surveillance, real-time monitoring, and recording of activity at distance up to 30 miles.

AIRAYA WGS radios are certified for use in most countries, with frequency ranges including the 4.9-4.99 GHz licensed public safety bands. Utilizing 2.2-2.5 GHz or 4.9-5.9 GHz, these outdoor wireless video subsystems provide the security, scalability, frequency flexibility and bandwidth to support professional multipoint systems with 100's or even 1000's of video cameras.

AIRAYA WGS products have been tested and will work with the video camera manufacturers listed below. Please contact AIRAYA for more information, or to check on compatibility with a specific camera model or manufacturer.

Wireless Video Security Subsystem for 48 Volt PoE and 12 Volt DC Powered Video Cameras and Enclosures

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