300 Mbps Outdoor Wireless Bridge by AIRAYA. 4.9 GHz to 5.8 GHz Fixed and Mobile Wireless Outdoor Bridges for voice, data and video distribution. Proven, reliable and fast outdoor wireless video solutions for ITS, transportation, and Surveillance Applications. Have a Question? Ask an Expert
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AIRAYA Wireless WG-300-OB June 2014 Promotion WG-300-OB Bridge Kit
*Limit 2 per Reseller
. Offer Valid 1/1/2016-3/31/2016

GSA Contract Ordering Info for AIRAYA Outdoor Wireless Radio Equipment. Now available on the Peachtree Telecom GSA Contract
Ask about our GSA Partners

300 Mbps MIMO/OFDM WirelessGRID-300 for Backhaul receives FCC/Industry Canada Certifcation

AIRAYA Purchases Larger Manufacturing Facility

AIRAYA Case Studies and Application Notes

4.4GHz Outdoor Military & Government Radios

Wireless Video Whitepaper and Technology Comparison

375 Mbps WirelessGRID-300 - AIRAYA releases WirelessGRID-300 and WirelessGRID-300s NEW support for data rates up to 375 Mbps and user selectable channelization from 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, and 50 Mhz.

AIRAYA ships secure multipoint versions of WirelessGRID-300 and WG300s enabling up to 300 Mbps wireless performance on private outdoor wireless networks.

4.9 GHz Certification for WirelessGRID-300 product line. Available for FCC, Industry Canada, and Anatel markets as well as any others that support these certifications.

300 Mbps MIMO/OFDM WirelessGRID-300 Radios for Backhaul receives FCC/Industry Canada Certification

AIRAYA Purchases New Manufacturing and Operations Facility

AIRAYA Announces WirelessGRID-4461 Radios for Military, Government and Homeland Security Applications.

WirelessGRID and Infinova IP Cameras combine for professional wireless video.

AIRAYA WirelessGRID receives acceptance for USDA Rural Utility Services program (RUS).
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WirelessGRID Path Calculator (use if you know the distance between locations)

Latitude/Longitude-based Distance Calculator

Fresnel zone/Clearance Calculator

T1/E1 Comparison and ROI calculator

WirelessGRID Bench Test and Field Deployment Guide

Wireless Video Subsystems for 48 Volt PoE or 12 Volt Video Cameras and Enclosures

Ruggedized 8-30VDC Mobile Subscriber Units for Transportation and Public Safety Applications

2.2GHz to 2.5GHz Wireless Bridges
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